Quote of the Day: Simplicity Bible

“Take the first step towards simplicity.” You can shape your world to be anything you want it to be. Lake JPEG


Have We Lost The Art of Doing Nothing?

Have you ever experience doing nothing? What does that even feel like? Well, for me as a westerner living and working in the city of London, I have been feeling as though I have lost the art of enjoying life whilst doing absolutely nothing. Now by no means do I mean, becoming “lazy” so to speak, but what I do mean is, taking the stress of always having to live life on a schedule! I have recently taken some time for of work not to escape life, but to confront a few things without having the noise and hustle and bustle of the city. I would like to share with you three ways that I have learnt to cultivate the art of doing nothing:

1. Do One Task At A Time
This might seem counter-intuitive, however, hear me out… When learning the art of doing nothing, I have come to realise that going cold turkey on simply “doing things” is very hard to do. Its hard to adapt and get used to not having anything to do, it sounds crazy but it’s true! So, I have learnt that you can slowly ease your way into the slower pace of life by doing one task at a time and staying highly focused on each task. This reduces the distractions that you may face on a day to day basis. Becoming more focused will ease the pressure of having to do a million things at once, ad as a result, you may find it easier to seep into doing nothing, for a day or two!

2. Do Somthing Or Go Somewhere Spontaneous
Whenever I take myself out of my comfort zone and do something entirely new or out of the ordinary of my average day to day routine, it pushes me out of my current situation of busy-ness. I have found this to be very effective because you automatically place yourself outside of your current routine and this can inspire you to see life from a different perspective. This has helped me in cultivating the art of doing nothing, (again, counter-intuitive as it may seem) it works! It may even encourage you see life from a different angle; you don’t need to rush through life, you need to enjoy it!

3. Turn Off The Electronics
Whenever you disconnect from the digital world, you give yourself a chance to see the real world, what is actually going on in front of you. When you disconnect from technology, for the first few days, you may get the itch to turn on your phone, check your emails, messages and texts. This does nothing but take you out of the present moment become you choose to engage in something other than the present. For me this is an integral part of getting into the art of doing nothing, especially in this day and age where people struggle to walk around without headphones or a phone in their hand. Its crazy, but that is the world we are currently living in now, so turn it off I say, this will remove external distractions.

These are the three ways in which I have cultivated the art of doing nothing. I am not a master at it and I can admit it, but these three things have helped me tremendously in achieving a healthier and more balanced life and with less distraction.

~ Victoria

Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

It is becoming increasing evident that we are living in a digitally prolific world and we are becoming even more connected from all corners of the globe at a touch of a button. The immediacy of information and connectivity readily available at our fingertips is fabricated within our society. We are living in an exciting time; a technological revolution as some might coin it, however, is it taking over our lives?

I must admit, I don’t think a day has gone by in over 3 years where I have fully disconnected from social media and or my mobile. Thinking about it, that’s pretty frightening to me because I have become dependent on knowing what’s going on, where, when and how at lightning speed. The insatiable need for more information and connection and online social presence has somewhat taken over.

Engaging in social media has definitely taken a lot of time from my day; I must admit I am not proud of this. By choosing to lead a lifestyle with fewer things, I can’t help but notice that I still have a lot of clutter in Social Media, whether it is through photo sharing, watching others and their lives online and or just reading things that have no relevance to my own life and self- development.

I truly believe that social media is not bad, but it should be used in moderation. Just like a certain food you like, the more you have it, the more likely you are to become ill by it. Research surveys have shown that people, especially the younger generation are more likely to become depressed because of social media.  This is proving to be a problem in society.

We are filled with the need to want more, and compelled by the need to compare and compete online in order show that we are better, bigger or simply living life larger than others. I know this to be true because I have done it and been there myself and there is nothing more soul-destroying than letting your online presence cultivates your very existence. This is just not healthy…

So what’s the solution you may ask? My answer is rather simple, learn to switch OFFLINE and switch ON to your life. I think many people have forgotten the art of plugging into life because they are too busy being distracted by others. Time is a commodity that can never be replaced, so prioritise your time and say no to watching others and yes to your life.

Despite the argument claiming that social media is sin and is bad for you, I beg to differ. There have been many positive things I have gained from social media. I have been able to connect with amazing people and gained my opportunities from it that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Let’s face it, if it’s all down to priorities, purpose and moderation. We are creatures of habit, always wanting more, but if you can handle the external distractions under your thumb, life will be more enjoyable.

To wrap this up, I would say that if you feel as though social media is taking over your life, reduce how much time you send on it day by day. Take back your precious time, don’t let social media steal it from you. You will then realise that you can and will survive without it.  Please trust that the more life you spend offline, the more present and open you will become to reality and life itself. When you become engaged in the world at large, the little stuff such as how many likes and posts and comments you receive cease to matter anymore.

If one thing is certain, you are always in control, you have a choice.

Victoria ~

How I Live Life Out of The Magic Minimalist Box

So I’ve got this box that I have been using for quite a few months now, and to me it symbolises freedom. For months, I’ve been putting all the things in it that I have been hesitating to let go of. So the plan is, instead of just throwing all my things away or keeping it, I’ve placed them in limbo. I call this TheMagicMinimalist Box trial time period.

After about a month, I open the box again and re-think if I still want to keep hold of that item that I so desperately clung to, but wanted to let go of at the same time? The results have been mind-blowing! After about a fortnight I have come to terms with the reality that although I may want it, I really don’t need it (the item that is).

I fear that the danger of letting so many things go, is once that is done and dusted, will my place feel like home? Contrary to belief about the art of living a minimalist lifestyle, to me, I don’t want to have a house sparse of things, I want it to feel lived in,and warm and welcoming. It’s definitely a balancing act of my own comforts and simplicity.

living modern

By no means am I saying being minimalist means being uncomfortable, I just want to break away from that stereotype of sparse and harsh slick lines of modernity that is often associated with a minimalist home. Quite frankly, I think that image is boring and old’ hatt!

The ‘magic box’ has worked wonders for me so far and I will continue to use it. It is a constant reminder that home is where the heart is, which brings me back to my main core principle; only keep things that add value to your life now and for years to come!

Magic Minimalist Box

~ Victoria

Improve Your Style With The Ten-Item Wardrobe

The Ten-Item Wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott | TEDxStGeorge

Jennifer discovered the ten-item wardrobe concept while living in Paris with Madame Chic and her family. In this talk she shares her endearing story, tips on how you can make a ten-item wardrobe work for you, and why living with fewer clothes can not only improve your style, but change your life.

She has been a source of inspiration for me; I am on my way to possessing only the best, quality chic items that last. Having less does not mean you are poor, it simply means you will always look your best.

~ Victoria